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“I can’t understand the Bible.” “I get discouraged.” “I don’t have enough time!”Not Any More!The Student Bible was developed to help you overcome the three biggest obstacles young adults face in reading and understanding the Bible.

Study notes, book introductions, glossary, subject guide and informative articles by best-selling authors Philip Yancey and Tim Stafford will help you navigate your way through the Word. And the remarkable Guided Tour of the Bible will help you gain a panoramic view of the whole Bible, a solid grasp of its teachings and a rich daily reflection habit.

Featuring the Good News Translation with deuterocanonical books—a contemporary, easy-to-understand translation with the Catholic imprimatur—the GNT Student Bible makes it easy to . . .

1. Understand what you read. In-text Insights and Highlights explain and help you think about what the Bible is saying. Profiles introduce you to 100 People You Should Know.

2. Find what you’re looking for. The Where to Find It reference section guides you swiftly around the Bible and supplies you with fast definitions and important information.

3. Make real progress. The new Guided Tour offers an enriching six-month walk through the Bible, with daily stops at significant points of interest. Or set your own pace with the improved 3-Track Reading Plans. The 3-year plan follows the already familiar Roman Catholic Sunday Lectionary.

Take a Guided Tour of the BibleUsing material from Philip Yancey and Brenda Quinn’s book Meet the Bible, the GNT Student Bible takes you on a fascinating and enriching six-month tour of the entire Bible—its characters, places, times, stories and meaning. New discoveries await you every day.

From Adam and Eve to David the king to Paul the apostle, well-known and lesser-known figures gain new significance as you discover their place in the grand sweep of the Biblical narrative. You’ll also take in the astonishing miracles and beautifully diverse imagery of the Scriptures. Moses parting the Red Sea, Ezekiel’s valley of dry bones, Daniel in the lions’ den, Jesus walking on water, the seven-headed dragon of Revelation . . . the Bible is anything but boring or predictable. But it is understandable, with truths for today that can shape the course of the choices you make, the relationships you cultivate and the life you live.Above all, the Bible points to Jesus Christ. On your “Guided Tour,” you will meet Christ in all his humanity and all his divine glory.

From his humble birth to his death on the cross to the right hand of God, the GNT Student Bible lets you follow in the footsteps of Jesus. You will see how the Old Testament prepared his way. And you will see how in the New Testament, he is the Way to a lasting faith and a life filled with the presence of God.


  • Guided Tour of the Bible ·
  • Good News Translation with deuterocanonical books is easy to read and has the Roman Catholic imprimatur ·
  • 3-Track Reading Plan lets you read at your own pace ·
  • Highlights and Insights explain difficult verses, point out important facts and encourage reflection ·
  • Book Introductions and Overviews ·
  • Updated Subject Guide points to the Bible’s message on topics of interest ·
  • 100 People You Should Know gives insight into the lives and faith of famous men and women of the Bible ·
  • Glossary of Non-Biblical People and Places

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